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Big Ruby Gemstone

The Fascinating Story About The Big Carmen Lucia Ruby Gem 

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When you talk about a big ruby that is bigger than 20 carats, you can be sure that a blue sapphire, emerald or tanzanite gem of this size would be easier to find. A large ruby especially one that has good color and clarity, is indeed very rare. Most of you would be aware that, the finest rubies are mined in Burma (now Myanmar). Prolonged mining has taken the best of the rubies out of the mines, it is now very hard to find even a 10 carat Burmese ruby that is of top quality.

In this report on big ruby gem stones we are going to talk about what is surely, one of the finest and rarest Burmese rubies. In 1930, miners digging in a ruby mining pit situated in the Mogok region of Burma came across a valuable find. The rough ruby gemstone wheighed well over 35 carats, the final cut piece was a scintillating 23.1 carat ruby stone. The gem had spectacular transparency and a color that was rich and lucious. You could say that this big ruby gem had everything that you would dream of finding in a 'perfect' ruby gemstone. There is no record of who actually cut the gem but, the final piece has amazing glitter with the perfectly aligned and proportioned facets.  


big ruby ring
The Carmen Lucia Ruby was donated to the Smithsonian's National Museum Of Natural History. The ruby is spectacular in terms of color, clarity and size. A good quality Burmese ruby with this size is far more rare than, a sapphire or emerald of the same size.  

Now the interesting story behind this large ruby gem stone and how it came to be named as the, Carmen Lucia Ruby. Just keep in mind that it was the big ruby that was given this name and not the ring. However if you had to use the term Carmen Lucia Ruby Ring, it might sound okay since it is infact this big ruby in the platinum ruby ring. This big Burmese ruby was owned by Peter Buck a noted businessman and philanthropist. He decided to name it Carmen Lucia, after his late wife. The generosity of this businessman is exceptional, he actually donated the entire ring with the diamonds and the big ruby to the Smithsonian National Museum.

If you would like some more general information on the ruby gemstone here it is. Ruby and sapphire come from the same mineral family namely corrundum. The gem stone is very sturdy and measures a handsome 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This is indeed very impressive since this scale goes only upto 10, so the 9 out of 10 score for the ruby is very good. The gem stone being tough means that, you do not need to take any special care. Just look after it like you would any precious jewel and it should be fine.

Another interesting thing about rubies is that, most rubies are heat treated to enhance their color and clarity. While there are many other treatments applied to rubies today, the only standard process is the simple heat treatment. We say simple heat because, new heating processes that use  chemicals and even glass based materials have now been developed. The accepted rule is that, a simple heat treatment should always be expcted when buying a ruby gem stone. However for other treatments, it is necessary for the seller to inform the buyer of the specific gem treatment applied to the gemstone.

There is no clear information regarding the treatment applied to this big ruby gem stone. It is therefore best to presume that the Carmen Lucia ruby gemstone has been heat treated. This should not be a problem because, the effects of the heat treatment are permanent. The treatment does not alter properties like hardness, color stability etc in the gem.

It is very difficult to give an accurate price estimate for the carmen lucia ruby gem. The gemstone is from the most sought after sources for rubies. It was originally sold way back in 1930, the price would surely have gone up many dozen times by now. Directstones experts would put a price estimate of around, 800,000 U.S$ to 1,000,000 U.S$ for this gem. If it does turn out that this big ruby gem has not been treated in any way, mark up that price by around 40% to 60%. The entire platinum and ruby diamond ring would be worth around 900,000 U.S$ to 1,000,000 U.S$. Please keep in mind that this is a very rough estimate and considers only, the basic value of the ruby gem stone.

Suggestions For A Similar Ring. One thing that is very true is that, very few of us could afford a ruby ring like the one in which the Carmen Lucia ruby gem stone is set. However there is no doubt that the big ruby ring has a tremendous design concept. Let us look at how we could try to make the ring more affordable without, altering the design concept too much.


Options For A SImilar Ring

If you wanted a ruby gem, a 7mm cushion would be a good idea. While an 8mm cushion ruby gem would look even more gorgeous, the price difference between 7mm and 8mm could be quite large.
If you do not mind another red gem and are not very particular about a ruby gem, try red garnet or red spessartite garne. These gems could be as large as 8mm to 10mm. Rhodolite garnet is another option. Though spinel would look gorgeous good quality spinel can be quite expensive.
For the side gems, if you are particular about diamonds, limit the trillion diamonds to 4mm, unless you have a big budget to support larger diamond sizes.
The side diamonds can be replaced by other gems of your choice. A ruby center with blue sapphires, white sapphires or even tanzanite gems on the sides would be interesting combinations.
Jewelers like Kaisilver custom make all fine jewelry in gold or 925 sterling silver. With current gold prices rising steadily, sterling silver might be a good option for you.

The above report on the big ruby gem stone ring has been compiled by the experts at Kaisilver. We have always tried to educate the buyer rather than to make a sale. While this brings us lesser orders, it gives us immense satisfaction in ensuring that the buyer makes well informed buying decisions. Do write to our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or doubts related to gems and jewelry. There is no need to make any purchase from us, so do go ahead and get the benefit of our expertise.  

We custom cut all gems in the shape and size that you need. There is no minumum order requirement for value or quantity, even single gemstone orders are welcome. You can buy just the loose gemstones or request for a complete custom jewel to be crafted in gold or sterling silver. The design for your jewelry can be yours or ours.


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