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Ruby one of the most highly sought red gems comes from the same mineral (corrundum) as sapphires. Ruby gems have always been very popular, this was even long before the science related to gems developed. Walking through history, we have some rather interesting stories about rubies, some stories did not have a ruby gem at all! Those were the times when all red gems were called rubies, all blue stones were sapphires and all green stones were emeralds. This mistaken identity related to rubies did not happen only with the common man, even the rich and famous made mistakes.

For example, many of the rubies plundered by the British during it's colonial rule turned out to be red spinels. Spinels being mistaken for ruby probably have a logical reason. The highly preferred source for rubies has for long being Burma (now Myanmar). The red spinels in those times also came from the Burmese mines and for some natural reasons, spinel was formed near corrundum mines. Ruby gems signify power, love and passion, the gem stone is also assigned other very important roles.

Ruby is the July birth stone, and is proudly worn in ruby rings, ruby bracelets, ruby pendants and even in ruby earrings. It is also a famous birthstone for special occassions, you will therefore see a high demand for ruby engagement and wedding rings. This is one red gemstone that is adored by both men and ladies, it's premium cost probably makes it something of a status symbol to be flaunted. Besides being a birthstone ruby as an anniversary gem stone represents the 40th anniversary. These important ruby traditions gives it a steady demand pattern all through the year and every year.

When talking about ruby gem stone information, we need to discuss the issue of ruby gemstone treatments. You would most probably be aware that, almost all gems used by the gems and jewelry industry today are treated in some way or the other. Gem treatments are done to enhance the beauty and (sometimes) the durability of the gem. The beauty of a gemstone can be enhanced by improving it's color or clarity. It has been known for many decades that most ruby gems are heated to bring out a better color and also, to make them more clear. This is known as the 'conventional' heating process and is readily accepted even by gemstone experts.

As time went by, the demand for rubies did not subside and this encouraged frentic mining. We are today come to a stage where the best quality rubies are mined out. Though newer sources for the ruby gem stone are  being searched and found - the quality is far from what the Burmese mines a few decades ago. To satisfy the demand for rubies, gem manufacturers have developed various gem treatment processes. These ruby treatments cannot be classified as 'conventional' heating processes for many reasons. It is therefore generally agreed that, when a ruby gemstone is treated with these new processes - it is the duty of the seller to inform the buyer regarding the treatment. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, sellers are rarely willing to reveal anything that might encourage the buyer to put off the purchase or bargain for a price reduction.

Ruby is one gem stone that is tough and durable, measuring a hefty 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The maximum hardness rating by this scale is assigned to diamonds and is, a tiny bit more than the ruby. The diamond measures a 10 on the Mohs scale. While this is generally true regarding the durability of rubies, there are some rubies for example, those currently being sold as Indian rubies that are very heavily included. Such rubies are not sturdy and are often treated with colored oils to improve their appearance. Directstones does not deal in such low grade rubies. The color stability of rubies is also impressive, this applies to untreated rubies and rubies treated with the conventional heating process.   

At Directstones we procure rubies directly from the mining locations. The gems are then custom cut to your specifications. You can purchase loose ruby gems or request for a complete jewel to be custom made. Rubies are available in various grades, we can customize the selection based on your budget too. Our support team at will be glad to provide you with any information that you need related to gems and jewelry. We have no minimum order stipulations in terms of volume or value, even single piece gem stone or jewelry orders are welcome.


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